The Legend of Kung Fu

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Legends of Kung Fu have everything that makes a blockbuster show: exciting action, gripping drama and top notch talent. This show opened the Beijing Olympics and has since gained worldwide popularity.

Beautiful sets create the backdrop for the gripping story of a young boy saying goodbye to his mother as he leaves to be trained in a Chinese temple. While your heart is gripped with the dramatic storyline your adrenaline will get a workout watching the unbelievable acrobats and precision martial arts.

Follow the young boy, Chun Yi (the pure one) as he navigates the challenges of leaving home, conquering fear and pride and ultimately learns the lessons taught by his Kung Fu master. This show is so much more than a martial arts performance. It is Broadway meets Cirque de Soleil.

Now guests can enjoy an authentic three-course Chinese meal before the show. Start with an Asian salad and spring roll followed by Springfield cashew chicken over sesame infused rice and served with signature bacon wrapped green beans. A gourmet yellow cupcake with cream cheese frosting is served for dessert. (Vegetarian options are also available.)



The Legend of Kung Fu
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